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about william levy

William Levy was born in Cuba and very early on knew he would go after his dreams, even if it meant leaving his beloved country and risking his life. By age 15, Levy was living in Miami, Florida, where he attended high school and learned to speak English.

Levy's incursion into acting was a supporting role on Telemundo's "Los Teens," a series about Hispanic teenagers growing up in the United States. Prior to "Los Teens," Levy had appeared in two reality shows, also for Telemundo, and a music video. His modeling career also took off at this point and he was signed to one of the most prestigious national modeling agencies. His big break came in 2007 when Levy was personally chosen by famed Televisa producer Carla Estrada to play the role of Vasco Darien in "Pasion," an epic novella production set in Mexico's colonial period.

Levy gained instant recognition and his acting career skyrocketed as a consequence of the novella's popularity. After "Pasion," he traveled to Ecuador and participated in the film, "Retazos de Vida." Shortly after, Levy returned to Mexico for his first leading role in "Cuidado con el Angel," a soap opera production that consolidated him as one of Mexico's most sought after leading actors. He starred as Alejandro Lombardo on Univision's "Sortilegio," Mexico's highest rated primetime Production, and now stars in "Triunfo del Amor," (Univision) the number one rated telenovela on TV.

Levy enjoys playing all kinds of sports, but he considers himself an avid baseball fan. He currently resides with his family between Los Angeles, Mexico City and Miami, FL.

Telenovela superstar
Stars in Jennifer Lopez video "I'm Into You"
Known as "the Cuban Brad Pitt"
Levy partners up with two-time champ Cheryl Burke, who returns for her 13th season.